The logo consist of a heart made of the letter B with an L inside, wich means Bruna Lima

Hi, I'm Bruna.

Front-end developer with a passion for build things that I'd like to use.

Stuff I've done.


html5, css3, bootstrap & javascript for components. design by henrique ximenes. 2021


skeleton boilerplate & wordpress. design by moztardê. 2020

consiga bolsas

bootstrap & wordpress + woocommerce. design by bruna lima. 2018


material design for bootstrap & wordpress. design by moztardê. 2020


html5, css3 & wordpress + woocommerce. design by geovanna andrade. 2020


Hi there! I'm Bruna Lima and I'm a self taught front-end developer based in São Paulo - SP.

I graduated from Faculdade de Tecnologia do Estado de São Paulo in 2020 with a degree in Analysys and Systems Development.

My first contact with coding was around 16, when I discovered the wonderful world of blogs. I used to build pages for me and my friends, wich paid me to style their blogs. I've worked with WordPress since then.

Currently, I'm studying JavaScript and the Vue.js framework, with the objective of working on the development of SPA applications.

About me.

In my free time I love to crochet, reading, going to the beach and being outdoors. My dream is to become a digital nomad, and I'm trying to live a minimalist life.

My objective for career is to become a front-end developer with a foot in ux/ui design.

I've worked with:


HTML5, CSS3 (Bootstrap, Material Design), SASS, JavaScript(ES6+) & Vue.js


PHP, MySQL, & MongoDB


WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads


Thanks for reading my page!

If you want to learn more about me or what I'm working on, you can check me up at or by the links on the right.

You can also check out my cv, if you prefer a fancy piece of paper.

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